Garnet—Unveiling its century-old mystery

Speaking of garnet, people’s minds always come up with the image of its deep red like pomegranate seeds, but garnet is really like its name are pomegranate red? Read on to find out.

Garnet is a gemstone with a long history of use, and its English name, Garnet, is derived from the Latin word “granatum”, meaning “like a seed”. Garnet crystals are very similar in shape and color to pomegranate seeds, hence the name “Garnet”. Garnet is the birthstone for the month of January at the beginning of each year, and is used to pray for a safe and smooth journey in life. Garnet is also used to commemorate the second wedding anniversary.

In the Bohemian Garnet Museum in Europe, there is a red garnet that has been sleeping for hundreds of years, and she quietly tells a beautiful and touching love story to every visitor.

The owner of this garnet is Uluria, the lover of Goethe, Europe’s greatest poet. When she first saw Goethe at the age of 19, she fell deeply in love with him. Her love was opposed by her family due to the large age difference between them. But this headstrong girl’s burning love for Goethe was like her love for the family’s piece of garnet. Every time she goes on a date with Goethe, she wears the garnet because she is convinced of the legend of the garnet: it carries a message of love between lovers. She wanted the garnet to bear witness to her faithful love.

Perhaps it was the garnet’s manifestation that conveyed Uluria’s almost frantic love to Goethe, who was so deeply moved by Uluria’s love across the ages that a great heirloom poem, “Lamentations of Marienbarto,” was born.

There is also a moving love story associated with garnet

Before Odysseus left for Troy, when he said goodbye to his beautiful wife Penelope, he gave her a garnet, saying that he would keep it in his heart as an everlasting reminder. The Trojan War followed for more than ten years, and the news from the front was always unfavourable to the Greeks. When the war was over, the other Greek heroes returned home one after another, and then Odysseus still did not return.

As time went by, there were rumours that he had died, and then more and more people believed them. So Penelope became a young widow at once, and her beauty and great wealth attracted many suitors.

But she remained faithful to her love. The red color of the garnet reminded her of the superhuman strength and courage of Odysseus, as if it were in her lover’s blood, and she herself had not become dishevelled by the years that awaited her, and her gentle and graceful qualities were still moving. She thought Odysseus would surely return. Sure enough, she eventually waited until Odysseus returned, bringing with him considerable wealth.

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Garnet is a very suitable crystal for women to wear, as it is the energy stone of the underwater chakra, and is also known as the “stone of chi and blood”. It promotes blood circulation and hormone secretion, which improves the state of weak chi and blood, and is therefore particularly suitable for women who are weak, cold and have insufficient chi and blood, as well as helping to improve the function of the reproductive system. Many people also say that wearing garnets can have a beautifying effect on the skin as it becomes red and shiny due to the enhancement of qi and blood.

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