Malachite— Cleopatra’s Eyeshadow, Stylish Luxury Royal Jewelry

The name “malachite” is said to come from the Greek word molōchē, which refers to the mallow plant known for its dark green leaves, or from the word “malakhē”, meaning “soft. “. It became popular in the 19th century, especially in Russia, where it was used to decorate churches and palaces, and was also known as the “Russian emerald” due to its fine appearance.

Malachite is an opaque stone of unique beauty, with a deep green hue with streaks of varying shades, reminiscent of vibrant nature.

Cleopatra’s favorite stone-Malachite

As early as 4000 BC, malachite was a sacred stone revered by the ancient Egyptians, who used it as an amulet to pray for peace and hope.

It was also Cleopatra VII’s very favorite eye makeup, and the clever Egyptians cleverly used malachite to create a green eye shadow cream for her to use. The ancient Egyptians used malachite in very diverse ways, and when they first came into contact with it, they also believed that it had magical powers and used it as an amulet for children.

Timeless Colors in Botticelli’s Paintings

During the Renaissance, the painter Botticelli used malachite paint to depict a scene from Greek mythology in which the god of the west wind pursues the nymph Cloris on the far right of his famous painting 《Primavera》.

More than 500 years later, the lime green skin of the god of the west winds has not faded, making it a timeless piece of art history.

The oriental meaning of “only green”

The “Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains”, a milestone in the development of Chinese paintings of green mountains and green water, uses “stone green” pigment, which was developed from malachite.

Magnificence in the Art of Architecture

At the beginning of the 19th century, the Tsars regarded malachite as their favorite architectural decoration. Inside and outside Saint Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia, magnificent and exquisite malachite columns and numerous malachite works of art complement the majestic atmosphere.

A different approach to royal jewelry

European royal jewelry has always been famous for inlaid precious stones, as early as malachite has not yet become well known gemstone, with a unique aesthetic vision of Queen Sophia of Sweden, for their own customized a complete set of malachite jewelry.

Finely crafted Cameo process, combined with gorgeous inlays, elegant pearls and other details, green malachite and gold combined to complement each other, exquisite carving process will be the use of malachite exquisitely, opulent and fresh natural atmosphere.

Every piece of jewelry from European royalty seems to have a deep appreciation, and I’m sure that many of you who have seen the Shang Mei Paris Shang Li Qiong Hua Palace Exhibition have an impression of Empress Josephine’s Malachite Cameo Gemstone Complete Jewelry Set. Instead of using very expensive gemstones, malachite was chosen for this jewelry set.

Malachite cameo stones engraved with the gods of Mount Olympus are alternately interspersed with gold palm leaves decorated with finely carved pearls. Malachite has a beautiful color, fine texture, natural variations in texture, and of course, the carving and setting are superb.

High-bead material that can’t be found anywhere else

Natural malachite is produced in many places and in large quantities, but only about 1% of it can become jewelry-grade malachite.

The small crystals that make up natural malachite must be neatly aligned and of the right size in order to display their “sparkling” qualities, and the naturally occurring veins need to be carefully selected to match the style of the jewelry, so that the amount of pigment wasted to make a single piece of malachite jewelry is dozens of times more than the amount of raw material used.

Malachite Jewelry Care Tips

Malachite belongs to the carbonate minerals that are susceptible to chemical reactions and are not very hard, so its beautiful appearance requires even more care from you.

1.Be sure to remove malachite jewelry when bathing, washing hands, sweat, hair lotion, body lotion and other acidic and alkaline substances can not be in close contact with it. Can not use ultrasonic cleaner to clean malachite jewelry.

2.When wearing it daily, give priority to earrings, necklaces, brooches and other styles that are not easy to touch. Rings, bracelets, wristwatches should be carefully touched when worn and try not to stack them with other jewelry of higher hardness.

3.Pay attention to sun protection when wearing malachite jewelry, avoid direct sunlight, sun exposure. Put it in a cool place when storing, and store it separately in a jewelry box or storage bag to avoid friction and bumping.

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