Natural Stone Necklace Multi Gemstone Necklace INS Dainty Chain

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Natural Stone Necklace.Natural white mother-of-pearl and natural lapis lazuli embedded, adjustable length, 18K gold plating, 0.4cm width, will not appear exaggerated; sparkling white mother-of-pearl, the sunlight presents a colourful halo, to the original elegant white added endless fun; lapis lazuli colour like the sky, glorious, noble and deep, unforgettable at first sight; K-gold necklace with the addition of a full-bodied shape jumping between the collarbones, seemingly senior atmosphere, comes with a sense of lethargy.

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Natural Stone Necklace Multi Gemstone Necklace INS Dainty Chain


Product Information

Size: 38+5cm/width 0.4cm

Weight: About11.0g

Material: S925 silver

Main stone: natural white mother-of-pearl/natural lapis lazuli

Electroplate:18K gold plating

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Product Process

1.We only sell middle and high-end products.

2.Adopting the production process and technology of jewelry, we hope to bring more high quality ornaments to our customers.

3.What we sell is not the picture, is the design and production process, the real and true craftsmanship products.

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Weight 11 g
Dimensions 38 × 0.4 mm


♥Length: 38+5cm

♥Weight: About11.0g

♥Material: S925 silver

♥Main stone: natural white mother-of-pearl/natural lapis lazuli

♥Wellhola jewelry are made of natural gemstones, each piece of work gemstone grain is different as a normal phenomenon


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