Nude Chain Dainty Chain Necklace 20K Gold Short Stacking Necklace


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“Thorns” any thorns barbaric growth, building the world of self-city, Nude Chain extremely characteristic knotting techniques, just a glance will make it hard to forget, spacing sparsely treated just right, and then by hand fixed-point winding into a ring, to the overall indifference to the sensitivity of the overall temperament, deliberately chose the 20K gold, slightly neutralised and indifference to have a little softer.

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Nude Chain Dainty Chain Necklace Short Stacking Necklace

Nude Chain

Product Information


Weight: About 36g

Electroplate:18K gold plating

Model Wearing

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Scene To Film

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Product Process

1.We only sell middle and high-end products.

2.Adopting the production process and technology of jewelry, we hope to bring more high quality ornaments to our customers.

3.What we sell is not the picture, is the design and production process, the real and true craftsmanship products.

4.We insist on doing products in a down-to-earth way, and do service in a serious way!

5.With the craft of jewelry to do a good job of jewelry, jewelry prices, jewelry craft, jewelry enjoyment!


Weight 36 g
Dimensions 45 mm



♥Weight: About 36g

♥Wellhola jewelry are made of natural gemstones, each piece of work gemstone grain is different as a normal phenomenon


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